Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 21 & Easter

I am weary from struggle. Tired from the focus that drugs bring during both the using period, and the recovery period. Some days I have Wonder Woman sized strength to take it on, others I have no strength at all. 

Today marks the 3 week mark for my Suboxone taper. I had a little reminder this morning that came just in the nick of time. 

It reminded me why I started this blog. Not only for me, but for anyone who may need the courage to try to get free of opiates. I know that I cannot go backwards in time. I can only take another step toward being completely sober from opiates. 

While that seems like such an impossible feat, I know there are others who have done it. I am trying to be grateful today that I am doing it by choice. I could be drying out in a jail cell or mental institution and believe me that wasn't too far away from where I was as a junkie. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!

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