Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 15- Maybe there is hope

Saw Dr. D today. I am starting to not only layout a tangible plan for a better future, but some of the things are already happening. Including this blog. No one may ever read it, but I hope that' not the case.
I know how bad people are hurting because I have been one of those people. A change NEEDS to take place! Why are the numbers of people in the world who self medicate increasing?

I am a nobody. Who is nowhere. The funny thing is, I have been everywhere, and I can only hope my greatest hope, that through the shit I have trampled through someone might find hope in their own self.

If I can get off of suboxone and stay off, I know anyone can. I know I am not the first or last woman to say that.

If you are wanting off of opiates. Heroin. Watch my for taper updates.

There is a way to use Suboxone as a tool to reach sobriety. It must be a temporary tool. I am hoping to show you it can happen!

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