Friday, May 2, 2014

Starting Day 32

Starting day 32 with exhaustion, restless legs,  hope, and NOT my 1/8 of a pill. I have still been on 1/4 of a pill for the last few days, although I have broken that 1/4 into 2 different doses to help my body adjust a little easier.

The up all night insomnia most definitely made it's most prominent presence in this recovery so far. Luckily, a light day and some grace will ease me through a full day without Suboxone. I HOPE! In the back of my mind somewhere between doubtful and maybe...if I can go all day today, maybe that will turn into all day tomorrow too.

I already know I can do it for 24 hours, but never on this dose. The medicine I have built up continues to  quickly flushing out and I can feel it physically. 

As horrible as this is, I know without a shadow of a doubt it is one of he easiest detoxes in my life. It could be that this time is on my terms, not the county jail or anywhere else. Perhaps this is where my journey is supposed to be. Maybe this time will truly be different. 

PS: If you haven't checked out, you should.

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